About Us

About Softenix

Softenix is an Internet Traffic Scanner service for storage servers to provide the best value scanning experience to its customers and visitors with the aim and slogan of “THE BEST SERVER SPACE FOR YOU”. “For You” points here two kinds of people according to our assigned categories, one of them are our clients, whose servers we are protecting against malicious attacks while other are respected visitors who are passing through our scanning bridge which is a secure way to storage servers of our clients. While about us, we are a group of entrepreneurs whose aim is one and only to provide you with the best ever internet experience through our efforts and commitment. We have high quality Dedicated Servers with scanning algorithms whose sole responsibility is just to get clean requests and to deal with malicious traffic or attacks on Linux Storage server providing storage service to high traffic websites on their bay.

As far as others concerned like CDN(Content Delivery Networks) like CloudFlare and MaxCDN we are different from them in many aspects. As they host your content on different locations and by the quantitative distribution of data they just deal with traffic on its bay. On the other side, we came in between your traffic using our high speed and high quality dedicated server scanners and monitor number of sessions and visitors passing through the scanner. Every user has to pass through our barriers to your storage servers while we just detect bad guys and spammy IPs with our intelligent programs and only pick those who are suspicious. You can contact us by sending an email to contact@softenix.com.

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